Jumat, 12 Februari 2016

I Dream About... Tama-Go and TamaTown

As every Tama fan knows since about February, the new Tama-Go has been increasing in popularity. Amazon prices for Tama-Go's have skyrocketed to about $69.99, but has lately decreased to $34.95, though still a higher price than the norm. Binary, a member of TamaTalk.com and part of the Admin Team, has received a Tama-Go straight from Bandai themselves and decided to create a short unboxing bit, as well as a continuous log, now nearing the end of his Generation 2 Tamagotchi. Many other people that have received a Tama-Go from Bandai or from the first shipment of Amazon Tama-Go's are doing the same, or even uploadingYouTube videos of their brand new addition.  Though they're not in stores, die-hard Tama fans are waiting impatiently to get their hands on a Tama-Go. I, myself, am dying to get aWhiteKuchipatchi one, along with a Mametchi Figure (though I do not enjoy the faceplate of the Mametchi, since I'm a boy :\ )!

To learn more about the Tama-Go, please visit these great websites:
And be sure to visit YouTube to view videos of the upcoming Tama-Go!

 ~Now onto TamaTown! If you've been keeping up this past week, or even just visited TamaTown today, you know that a new area has been added: Forest Falls! This quaint little village is home to a River Rafting game, Tama Trails (another game), a shop that currently sells amazingTamagotchi Posters for your apartment, and even a spa hot-tub for everyone to relax in after a long day! I urge everyone to visit Forest Falls, as well as the rest of TamaTown! If youwould like to add me, my ID is DJ9295. Thanks!

~ Dreamed by Tama-Palace

 ~Also in the TamaTown category, the new Tamagotchi homepage has been completely redone! This site is great for pictures of Tama-Go's, Figures, Accessories, and more! To access it, you can go to Tamagotchi.com, which will redirect you to the new website.

~Dreamed by Tama-Palace

~~~Until Next Dream...

I Dream About... Logs & Blogs

Sorry guys, I've been having some trouble remembering my dreams...

Anyway, the official Tamagotchi website, found here, has just added a new section to their website! It's called... Tamavision! But I have one question...

~ Dreamed by www.bandai.com/tamagotchi/

Well, it seems as if this new section has videos of "Let's Go! Tamagotchi", an online series of Tamagotchi episodes.

Also updated on their website is their blog. So far, they have nine different blog posts with a bunch of comments. It seems that this section is really popular!

Now, if you'd like to read more about the new Tama-Go's, there are quite a few people logging about them (keeping track of everything they do with the Tamagotchi, along with its growth) and posting pictures, as well. Here are a few popular ones:

Binary ~ TamaTalk

Green_Papaya ~ Tama-Zone

-Ra- ~ Tama-Zone

~~~Until Next Dream...