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Sorry guys, I've been having some trouble remembering my dreams...

Anyway, the official Tamagotchi website, found here, has just added a new section to their website! It's called... Tamavision! But I have one question...

~ Dreamed by www.bandai.com/tamagotchi/

Well, it seems as if this new section has videos of "Let's Go! Tamagotchi", an online series of Tamagotchi episodes.

Also updated on their website is their blog. So far, they have nine different blog posts with a bunch of comments. It seems that this section is really popular!

Now, if you'd like to read more about the new Tama-Go's, there are quite a few people logging about them (keeping track of everything they do with the Tamagotchi, along with its growth) and posting pictures, as well. Here are a few popular ones:

Binary ~ TamaTalk

Green_Papaya ~ Tama-Zone

-Ra- ~ Tama-Zone

~~~Until Next Dream...


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