I Dream About... Tama-Go and TamaTown

As every Tama fan knows since about February, the new Tama-Go has been increasing in popularity. Amazon prices for Tama-Go's have skyrocketed to about $69.99, but has lately decreased to $34.95, though still a higher price than the norm. Binary, a member of TamaTalk.com and part of the Admin Team, has received a Tama-Go straight from Bandai themselves and decided to create a short unboxing bit, as well as a continuous log, now nearing the end of his Generation 2 Tamagotchi. Many other people that have received a Tama-Go from Bandai or from the first shipment of Amazon Tama-Go's are doing the same, or even uploadingYouTube videos of their brand new addition.  Though they're not in stores, die-hard Tama fans are waiting impatiently to get their hands on a Tama-Go. I, myself, am dying to get aWhiteKuchipatchi one, along with a Mametchi Figure (though I do not enjoy the faceplate of the Mametchi, since I'm a boy :\ )!

To learn more about the Tama-Go, please visit these great websites:
And be sure to visit YouTube to view videos of the upcoming Tama-Go!

 ~Now onto TamaTown! If you've been keeping up this past week, or even just visited TamaTown today, you know that a new area has been added: Forest Falls! This quaint little village is home to a River Rafting game, Tama Trails (another game), a shop that currently sells amazingTamagotchi Posters for your apartment, and even a spa hot-tub for everyone to relax in after a long day! I urge everyone to visit Forest Falls, as well as the rest of TamaTown! If youwould like to add me, my ID is DJ9295. Thanks!

~ Dreamed by Tama-Palace

 ~Also in the TamaTown category, the new Tamagotchi homepage has been completely redone! This site is great for pictures of Tama-Go's, Figures, Accessories, and more! To access it, you can go to Tamagotchi.com, which will redirect you to the new website.

~Dreamed by Tama-Palace

~~~Until Next Dream...


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